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Why Users Are Seeing ‘Locked’ Icon On Some NBC Episodes?

NBC app is used by people to binge-watch their favorite content. NBC is such a big platform that there are thousands of hours of content available for users to watch. However, users have experienced various issues in the NBC app, which created interruptions for users while watching content.

One such problem is ‘locked episodes’ in the NBC app. Let’s find out details of this issue in order to give users clarity on the same. When users see the key icon on a video thumbnail, then that shows the content can be accessed solely with a TV provider account or a credit. If users see any content on which ‘locked’ icon is present, then that content has not been available for NBC to give access to its users.

Users who have a TV provider account will be able to access any and all content that is available in the app library. However, if someone doesn’t have a TV provider account, then there is nothing to worry about, he/she still has multiple ways to watch that content.

  1. On, users will find all the new episodes of NBC TV shows that have come back to the platform, or in other words, users will be able to see shows that were on air for more than one season. The episodes of those shows will be available for users to watch after the day they air on TV without logging into the app or using credits.
  2. Users can then go to the NBC app, which includes various apps within the NBCU family of apps to get the new episodes of their favorite TV shows requiring a TV provider login or credits for the first seven days of their availability. Once it’s been eight days of the airing of the shows, they will become available automatically. The episodes will be unlocked automatically.

Moreover, the most recent episodes of the newest shows that are available on NBC will be available 24/7 without logging into the NBC app or buying any credits on the app or website. The episodes will be present for users to watch the day after they air on the TV.

If users select to watch episodes without a TV provider account or credits, they should not find themselves lagging too far behind. A number of returning shows are available for users to watch with ‘rolling’ availability, which also means there are a limited number of recent episodes available on the network, which could be five or so can be unlocked simultaneously. Let’s assume that if a user wants to see a particular episode, and that episode unlocks eight days after it is aired on the TV, it will redirect the user to enter the login details or credit after eight days after episode 6 airs on the TV.

In case, a user is unable to unlock the locked episodes, then you should get in touch with NBC app support providers to fix the problem.

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