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NBCUniversal Makes Use of Machine Learning To Make Advertisements More Relevant

Have you ever been annoyed seeing the same old advertisements again and again? If yes, then you’re not alone, as we all do get bored seeing boring and irrelevant ads while watching our favourite content on TV.

NBC is planning to integrate advertisements that are relevant to the TV moment, which will make watching those advertisements a lot better.

Since the beginning of the advertising, advertisers have never missed a chance targeting their messages on the suitable media, and the practice goes on till now. You can take Kids’ TV channels for example, which are minted with toy commercials. Similarly, advertisements that appear between wedding shows are full of advertisements related to honeymoon destinations and similar services.

All this is going to change now as NBCUniversal has come up with a new machine learning tool, which is going to make the placement of ads on TV a lot more precise, relevant and timely. This is going to bring a revolution in the field of advertisements and how they are placed appropriately between the content.

The Context Intelligence Platform is going to analyze scripts, visual descriptions and closed captions in order to identify the ideal moment for the right ads to appear. Therefore, if you are watching something on USA Network, which features a party scene, then don’t be surprised if you see the advertisements with alcohol being promoted in them.

NBC has already tried this new practice and the result they received was extremely positive. There has been a rise of 19% in brand memorability, 64% in message memorability and 13% in likability.

The particular system is going to release within a few weeks’ time, as there have been a few advertisers who were working with NCBU on beta-testing. The company hasn’t provided any details as to which brands are involved in the process, but one of the officials from the company said that the brands come under the categories of studios, retailers and packaged goods.

Back in the day, there was machine learning, and it used to make more common sense. NCBU created something for an advertiser, which was a profound piece of marketing. This kind of marketing will also ensure that the spot ran on heartfelt-type programming instead of slapstick comedy.

The company has been doing it on a manual basis for a long time, but now, they will do it at scale. It will be interesting to see how the new advertisement program gets underway and what would be the response of the customers.

If people like the way how ads are displayed between the programming, then this model may be replicated by other companies as well just like other features.

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