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How To Troubleshoot NBC 403 ‘Not Authorized’ Error?

This error code usually displays on the user’s web browser when he tries to open the NBC app on it. This is hypertext transfer protocol responses that can be displayed on web screen while attempting to open NBC. This error message means you are not authorized to open the URL.

But, you might be thinking how to reach to the specified web page. The answer to this question varies from case to case. There is a number of possible causes of this problem. Read to find out how to identify and fix the same.

How NBC Http error code 403 occur?

This error code occurs if there is any miscommunication between the client and the web server of the NBC channel. If the procedure of opening the right web server from web fails, then an error message ‘4xx client error’ will be displayed on the screen. This error message is followed by different HTML codes, which are best known as a 404 error message.

With some websites, the actively prevented directories are represented by error code ‘403’. If this error code appears, you can’t get into the page. However, you can get rid of this error code easily through the steps mentioned here as under.

All the 4xx codes are server responses that indicate that the request for opening the page is not successfully processed. As the name implies, the client is generally the source of the problem.

 ‘NBC error code 403’ can also be displayed as ‘Error code 403 access denied’ or simply ‘Forbidden’. This usually leads users to think that the message might be displayed due to the password required for accessing the web page. We want to mention here that password error code is ‘401’ not ‘403’. Now the solution to this problem is:

  1. Deactivate Browser extensions: If you are not being able to open NBC channel page on a web browser, then disable the active plugins or add-ons first and try accessing the URL again.
  2. Clear browser cache: If you are still getting error code 403, then clear the browser cache and check if the issue is resolved or not.
  3. Firewall settings: If step 2 doesn’t solve the problem, then check the problem in-between web server and the firewall responsible for displaying HTTP error code 403. For this, you can disable the firewall and try opening the web page again. This will finally solve the problem.

This error code can be easily bypassed from NBC screen if you are getting ‘Not authorized to view the requested page’. With little efforts, you can fix error code 403. The steps are so simple and easy to understand provided you must perform the steps in the same order. If after trying all the steps, you are still getting the problem, then another way to solve is to check the browser or firewall settings. If you need more information, free to contact NBC Com Activate.


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