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How To Troubleshoot Location On NBC App & Live Stream On iOS & Android Devices?

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NBC app is such a versatile app that you won’t have to look beyond it for entertainment. The NBCU family has a large amount of content for its subscribers, so if you want to kill the boredom, then there won’t be a better way than to get yourself hooked up onto the NBC app. Despite being such a great app, it is not immune to problems, as users have experienced and complained of many problems in the app from time to time. One of the most annoying problems in NBC app that many users have experienced is related to location service.

If you too are facing this problem, i.e., not being able to watch local live stream, then then problem may have arisen due to your location or the location where you were at the time of launching NBC app on your device. Now that you have understood what the problem is, it’s time to find out what the possible solutions could be, so let’s get into the details of different solutions to fix this location issue.

Error: Live stream is not available in your area or live stream not working

If you are receiving any of these error messages when trying to live stream on your NBC app in the area where you usually access the live stream, then you should get in touch with your TV service provider.

  1. You need to check if there is an affiliate at all, and by that we mean, a local broadcaster who is responsible for carrying a few or all the line-up of TV or radio programs or radio network in the area you are living, denoted by a 4-letter call sign such as WABC.
  2. You should also check if there are any disputes arising between your TV provider and the local affiliate. If there is a dispute, then you won’t be able to stream anything live.

If you have confirmed the presence of an affiliate, but there isn’t any dispute and the station you watch or listen to was also not removed, then there might be something wrong with your location.

  1. Are you present in the location of your subscription?
  2. Is there any VPN service that you are using?
  3. Are you connected to a network that provides you with a different level of access? Because that could be the reason why your home-based authentication is automatically logging you in with a wrong access.

Note: There could be a possibility that you are present in a location where live stream is not supported, but as far as your home location is concerned, it is. Or, it could be the exact opposite, so you will have to figure out as to what the exact situation is.

If you are using an iOS device, then you can check the location service settings for NBC app by going into the device’s settings. Similarly, you can check the location service settings on an Android device for NBC app within the ‘Settings’ menu.

We are offering the best support for NBC streaming app. If you are looking for steps to NBC activate, then let me tell you there aren’t many steps for you to follow. However, if you are least interested in activating the app on your own, then you can visit at the NBC official website. NBC Com Activate

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