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How To Link TV Provider To NBCU Family Of Apps?

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If you are maintaining an account with the cable or satellite TV provider, then you can easily hook-up with the NBC and NBCU family of apps. All the episodes stored in the library of that particular app will then get available for streaming on a local station.

If you are curious to know the steps for linking the TV provider account to the NBC app, then keep reading the content of this page. You will come to know about them after reading the complete steps. Clicking only once on the content from the app will unlock it and you can easily watch without any hassle.

If you have connected or downloaded the app on an android phone, then you will be asked to enter the TV provider details along with the selection of provider from the list. You will then get directed to the TV provider website from the mobile device. Enter the login details of your TV provider. If this is the first time, you are login to the account, then you can get the details of login by calling the TV service provider. After successful login, come back to the app window and check whether the account is up to date or not.

Yes, if you are streaming through the connected TV or any other platform, then you will get the activation code on the screen which will be entered on the NBC/activate page opened on the browser of your computer. Proceed to enter the login details of your TV provider in the next step.

If you come across any kind of issue while selecting the TV provider from the list, you can follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Try to load the TV provider menu again and check if the problem is resolved or not.
  • Clear all cache and browsing data of web browser. This can be done by getting into the ‘Preferences’ option of your browser and click on ‘Data storage’.
  • Disable any popup blocker if enabled on the browser.
  • Switch the browser to private or incognito mode. This is simple or can be checked online for a particular web browser.
  • Try different web browser: If you have tried to link the TV provider through chrome browser earlier, then try connecting through the Firefox or internet explorer.  Try a desktop computer instead of using the smart device.
  • If you are getting problem in linking from the Apple device, then click on ‘Sign-in and Sign-out’ support link from the apple website.
  • For Android TV or smartphone users, make sure that the Zoom In function is not used otherwise, some functions in the ‘Settings’ menu may get hidden. Change the font size from the Vision mode available under Accessibility.

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