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How To Know About The WatchBack Video App Launched By NBC That Offers Rewards Users For Sharing Their Viewing Habits?

NBC has launched a WatchBack video app that is going to give rewards to the users for sharing their viewing habits. This is a completely new service that is launched by the company, which NBC’s customers are also quite excited about. Let’s see how it bodes with the customers.

There were talks that NBCUniversal is planning to launch a rewards-based streaming video app, which many thoughts were just a rumor, but in reality, it wasn’t. NBCUniversal has, after all, come out of hiding; the company is all set to launch a rewards-based streaming video app.

Putting the confirmation stamp on the media reports, NBCUniversal has released a free, WatchBack app for iOS devices that provide users with an opportunity to win prizes if they create a profile, filling all the required information that includes viewer preferences and watch certain full-length shows.

This is totally a new concept, which in my people’s opinion will help the company get enormous popularity and a bigger customer base. As far as the shows are concerned that will help viewers win rewards, then the whole list of shows is yet to appear in public, but many experts are sure that it will include the popular E! Network show Ashlee + Evan.

As of now, each featured episode is going to give 10 viewers $100 worth of points, which they will be able to redeem at top retail outlets across the country such as Macy’s, Best Buy, Amazon and Target.

Viewers will also find Internet-only content on the platform such as CollegeHumor and BuzzFeed. The company has ensured that the feeds are personalized to the specific taste of the viewers in addition to promoting the most recent shows.

However, those who are thinking that this is going to be yet another streaming video service, then that is not what it is going to be NBC Activate has launched it as a promo tool for NBCU’s latest programming along with a unique way of accumulating inputs that can’t be taken if someone is using a conventional TV.

When it comes to the tools used by the company to track the viewing habits of the viewers, then that is taken care by Nielsen’s measurement tools, which is a world-famous company for tracking consumers’ habits and taking their feedbacks.

Viewers don’t have to be worried while sharing the information to the company, as they won’t be asking anything as personal as someone would object giving an answer to. There will a normal set of questions that will be asked by the viewers, plus it is the viewers who will be feeding data to NBC Sports Actuivate voluntarily and contributing towards the marketing efforts made by the company.

Let’s see how this all process works out for the company and what it will get out of it. NBCUniversal customers don’t have to be worried about anything, as their information is safe with the company and will always be.

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