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Here Are 5 Track Records That Summarizes How Devastating The Cubs Season Has Been So Far

After getting the proper track records for Cubs’ season all the Cubs fans can easily check out the records of their favorite teams and they can predict their upcoming ranking.

So how’s your weekend going on? We hope you might have been enjoying the return of baseball.

We will put some light on the Cubs how they immediately descended to panic mode and we find it respectable. Starting from where they have left and all about them.

Things were crummy in Texas but gone worse in Atlanta. Let’s find out up to what extent things have gone worse. We will discuss 5 previous track records that will let you know the Cubs season so far.

  1. 6.72: The Cubs’ FIP through 33.1 innings. During the first week of season, only 2-3 Diamondbacks and 1-4 Red Sox Pitching remained worse. It’s not a shaky lockup. Till now, the Cubs rotation is having 7.38 FIP in 18 innings pitched so far. The correspondent of two games is by no means a justified sample size, this doesn’t mean the starters can’t pass the eye test. Another thing, only 8 teams are behind the cubs so far. Lester remained in the session for 6 innings at the opening day followed by 2-inning Yu Darvish Disaster and 5 Okayish innings from Hamels and 4 from Kyle Hendricks. The most respectable and mind-blowing performance till date has been given by Jose Quintana’s with 4 innings on Saturday.
  2. 7.50: This is what cubs pitchers are performing per 9 innings. The braves are the only one who walks more than the cubs until they came to town. More than 17% of starters are from mix community. This is not the end of the world for them if the group of guys has been pushed out, in fact, they walk as they do strikeouts.
  3. 1.38: This is a difference between the starters ERA and their FIP i:e 6 and 7.38. It indicates the results are going to get better than the level of pitching. Here, the most important thing is setting a sample size for it and keeping the same in mind when trying to gauge the results from 4 games. It is hard to say that Cubs are going worse and worse than 1-3. There are still some unanswered questions left for the first time through the rotation
  4. .597: This is what right-hand hitters are slamming against cubs drive. Red Sox, the only team that has performed worse against righties. So, in general, we can say Red Sox remained worse against everyone. We can’t deny the fact that lefties are slamming .542 against cubs though it’s good for 4th baseball. Chicago remained a tie for the 3rd time in baseball.

.1: This is where the ranking for Cubs stand in batting average. Batting average value is still limited at best but at the same time, the Cubs’ offense is not an artifice. They stood first in OBP, fourth in SLG and wRC+. In total runs, they stood at 5th number.

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