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Enjoy Winter Olympics On Your NBC Channel With Given Tweaks

This is good news for all those Olympic adorers who don’t want to miss even a single game on their HDTV. With the help of some tweaks, fans can easily watch the complete winter Olympics even with current cable subscription.

If you are not subscribed to any connection, then there’s a streaming option available for you. You can use streaming media player by connecting which you can stream the live Olympics games.

As far as the Olympics is concerned, it is going to be hosted by Beijing and Zhangjiakou in china from Feb 4 to Feb20, 2022.

Simplest tweak to stream winter Olympics

You may or may not know that NBC has now partnered with Olympics committee for broadcasting live sports throughout the series. However, some restrictions may involve which user has to deal with. You can get the content on NBC and NBCSN.

You can watch content through the website, cable TV or via NBC app installed on the android or any other OS. Simply register yourself on NBC app by entering the details as asked on the registration page. The important details you need to have in your hand while registering is the username, cable subscription ID and password.

How to stream Olympics on Internet TV?

If no cable subscription is taken by a user, yet he wants to enjoy the Olympics, then he can watch using internet TV. All the events will be broadcasted on the paid version of internet TV. In trial version, you can watch an Olympics only for a week.

To enjoy internet TV for a longer period, you can log in to YouTube TV. Other options available for you includes DirecTV, Fubo TV, Hulu, and Sling TV.

Use of VPN to stream Olympics

If there is no cable provider or streaming option available with you, then there is no need to get disappointed. You can use VPN service in a different country. It will hide current location and assign virtual address to your device. This option is free for users, they don’t need to pay for this service. Though there are some streaming rights which are controlled by countries like US.

It seems difficult to configure VPN on the device but when you start configuring it, the steps will start appearing on the screen and you can easily implement accordingly. You can configure popular VPN services like Strong, TunnerBear and start enjoying the Olympics at minimal cost. To know which VPN best suits your device, you can visit the VPN website links from the browser.

Through Antenna

Another option available for you to watch the winter Olympics is through Antenna. Before buying a new antenna, don’t forget to check the terrace or balconies available around as this will solve your purpose and you don’t need to purchase the new one.

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