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Easy workarounds to get rid of location and location services related issues on Android NBC live streaming.

nbc com activate

Are you facing problems in streaming live videos or match on NBC installed on an Android device? This problem generally occurs due to location issues. We are now going to suggest some steps to get rid of this annoying problem.

Live streaming options not available in your geographical location.

Are you getting any error message like ‘Live streaming option not accessible in your region’ or ‘live streaming not available’ then check the TV service provider details.

  •  Check if any local broadcaster is providing line up of TV and radio programs for local networks in the area denoted as call sign.
  • If there is any problem with the TV provider or local affiliate. If there is a certain problem with the TV provider, you won’t be able to stream the content on any platform and you will have to contact TV service providers.

If the following things are not at all responsible for the issue or there is a proper affiliate with no dispute at all between station and area from the location you are seeing, then there is going to be some issue with the location.

  • Are you living in a region where the subscription is opted-in?
  • Any VPN enabled on the current network?
  • Is there varying level of internet access from the same location or in other words, the home-based authentication can log in to the wrong access.

Note: If you are from the location or region where no streaming is possible at all, then you will get the problem in streaming the content whereas if the same content being played from the home location starts running without any problem.

Apple location services

To check whether the location services are enabled on the iOS device or not, you have to open the NBC app from the device and click on ‘Settings’. Check whether the location services are enabled or not. After this, try to play the content again on your device.

Android device location services

As in iOS devices, you can turn on the location services on Android devices through the ‘Settings’ menu. Go to ‘NBC’ app and check ‘Settings’. If you have enabled the location on NBC app or not. After enabling the location, try playing the content again from the app.

Once the above-mentioned steps are implemented, check and try playing the content of your choice from the NBC app. If you want to watch live cricket or football league match, you can watch it flawlessly with proper internet speed on device having NBC app installed be it android or iOS.

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